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Sirudhamur : A peaceful village with plentiful green lands cultivating paddy, vegetables and flowers, Sirudhamur, is located at 110 kms from Chennai at the edge of Kancheepuram District near Tindivanam (Route in Google Map)

‘God of Victory’ Temple : More than a Millennium back when ruled by the Pallava dynasty, a king and his commander on horseback led their troupes to travel towards East from Kachi (Kancheepuram) to Kadalmallai (Maamallapuram) to defeat a band of thieves who were troubling his subjects. At one point, the horses refused to go in the direction which the commander pushed them to. The king suggested that the horses go in the direction they wanted to. After travelling a fair amount of distance towards South, the horses found a source of water where they quenched their thirst and they stopped at another location and knelt for the King to get down. The King found an Idol of Lord Srinivasar and was stunned. The King prostrated before the idol and the horses galloped back to Kadalmallai (Maamallapuram). The thieves who witnessed the scene ran away without putting resistance of any kind. The place where the King prostrated was Sirudhamur, the Idol was that of Lord Srinivasar, and this incident resulted in the epithet " God of Victory".

Temple Renovation: Siru-Thirupathi Sirudhamur ‘God of Victory’ Sri Srinivasar 1000 Year-old Temple is being renovated with the Blessings of Their Holiness Srimath Azhagiyasingar, Srimath Aandavan, Shri Kanchi Sankaracharya and Their Holiness Jeers. Peetathipathis, Gurus of various Mutts. Sirudhamur Sri Srinivasar Charitable Trust has undertaken the Project and getting the same completed with the financial and service help of thousands of Devotees. The height of Perumal Vimaanam has been increased with two layers, new Sannathis of Sri Chakrathaazhvaar, Sri Padmavathi Thayaar, Sri Aandal, Sri Aanjaneyar, Sri Viswaksenar, Sri Raamanujar, Sri Desigar and a Mandapam measuring 2500 sq.ft. have been built. New Paramapatha Vaasal and South Gate added Sacredness to the ‘Plus’ Perumal temple. As inscribed in Aagama’ the renovation of the Temple and creation of 9 Statues are being done with the supervision of blessed experts in the field.

Souvenir : On the auspicious occasion of ‘Samprokshanam’ of the Temple scheduled in early part of this year an informative Souvenir on Sirudhamur and the Temple with the Blessing Messages / Prologues of Their Holiness Gurus / Honourable Governor, Judges, Chief Minister, Ministers, Leaders, Industrialists, Upanyasagars and VIPs is scheduled to be released. The Souvenir will be with Mantras, interesting articles, anecdotes on successful Life, tips on good health, education, travel, food, etc. which will be read and preserved by lakhs of people. The Souvenir will be on the best quality paper neatly printed by frontline experts. To enhance your business, please advertise on your esteemed organisation / product in the Souvenir, which will reach lakhs of readers. Please forward your Advt matter / picture to our mail / fill and send the page 4 of this epistle (tear-off sheet) along with your Cheque /DD to the address furnished herein. The details on tariff furnished hereunder. Thanks for contributing for the renovation of 1000 year old Temple Blessing many generations.


Rear Cover Page : Rs.50000/-
Front Inner Cover / Rear Inner Cover : Rs.25000/-
Multi Colour Art Paper (Full Page) : Rs.20000/-
Art Paper (Full Page) : Rs.10000/-
Full Page : Rs.5000/-
Half Page : Rs.2500/-

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We note to invite you to attend the ‘Samprokshanam’ of the Temple.

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